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Plant optimization, Assembly service, Logistics concepts


Leading developer and manufacturer of energy-efficient UV curing systems for direct UV printing


  • Increase in energy efficiency
  • Reduction of noise emission
  • Delivery of complete fan units


  • Analysis and optimization of fan units
  • Assembly Service process development
  • Customer-specific labelling and logistics


  • Compliance with ErP 2015
  • 14% efficiency increase
  • 2 dB noise reduction
  • Weekly delivery of complete units according to requirements

Project Overview

punker supplies a leading developer and manufacturer of energy-efficient UV curing systems for printing, painting and industrial plants with complete units consisting of fan impeller, housing, motor and electrical connections as an assembly service solution. The Assembly Service project was preceded by comprehensive measurements of the customer’s existing units in the punker laboratory and the subsequent optimization to meet the requirements of ErP regulations for the energy efficiency of the system. An increase in system efficiency of up to 14%, a reduction in noise emissions of up to 2 dB and demand-oriented delivery directly to the company’s production hall according to the pull principle were achieved.


UV Curing

Client application

In UV printing, the ink does not dry in the ambient air – as on a sheet of paper, for example – but is cured directly after application to the surface of the substrate with ultraviolet light. This printing process is suitable for almost all materials and applications and enables very high production speeds of 22 m2 per hour on average. The manufacturer of UV systems for the label and narrow web printing industry uses fans to remove the heat generated by the UV lamps when the ink cures.



The company was faced with the challenge of increasing the energy efficiency of two of the fan units that were currently in use in order to guarantee the legal minimum requirements of the ErP directive (Energy related Products) and to achieve a lower noise level. At the same time a cost reduction should be achieved. Since our customer wants to continue to consistently focus on their core competencies, they insisted on purchasing complete fan units for heat removal in the UV curing systems. The company approached punker with the following requirements :

  • Installation of complete fan units for heat removal
  • Meeting the energy efficiency requirements of the ErP
  • Reduction of noise emission
  • Use at high temperatures of up to 100°C
  • High strength requirements
  • External dimensions of the unit fixed based on existing system designs
  • Can be used vertically and horizontally
  • Sealed housing to prevent exhaust air containing ozone from exiting the system



First, three fan units with different impeller types previously used by the customer were extensively analyzed in the punker laboratory in Eckernförde to identify potential for optimization. Performance measurements on the punker chamber test bench showed to what extent the system efficiency of the affected units must be increased in order to meet the energy efficiency requirements of ErP. After the subsequent examination of the units in the reverberation chamber, the optimum impellers from the punker portfolio were selected or developed and a suitable housing geometry was determined in order to achieve the targets.

Analysis and optimization steps:

  • Measurement of delivery conditions
  • Analysis of existing housings and add-on parts
  • Development of possible solution variants via the impellers
  • Optimization of the housings (e.g. spiral angle, latch design, latch spacing, wheel- housing slot, immersion depth of the inlet cone)
  • Verification measurements after each adjustment
  • Final comparison measurement on the chamber test bench and in the reverberation chamber


  • Up to 14% increase in system efficiency of the units
  • Compliance with ErP requirements for all units
  • Reduction of noise emission by up to 2%
  • Minimization of assembly times by optimizing the housing construction

Comparison of original unit and punker optimized solution

Static efficiency

Electrical input power

Sound power level

Static pressure

What have we learned?

The analysis and optimization of existing systems and the development of new ventilation solutions have been punkers’ strength for decades. In this project, the challenge for us was to develop a completely new assembly service process. The approach was to realize all steps from the adaptation of the motor cabling and the mechanical assembly of the unit to the test run in a one-piece-flow by only one single employee. Material is supplied by rolling logistics according to the supermarket principle, the delivery to the customer according to the pull principle. In order to implement this process smoothly, suppliers must be closely involved in our logistics processes.

The “Assembly Service” workstation has been designed to ensure a high degree of flexibility for the assembly of variants. Standardized assembly steps with material and tool feeding in the BestPoint ensure ergonomic workplace design, the simultaneous reduction of lead time and material stocks (WIP) leads to minimum space requirements and short walks in assembly. The varied and at the same time responsible work at this workplace places special demands on the qualification and awareness of the assembly personnel. The employee in the assembly service process personally labels and signs their plug-in unit and thus assumes responsibility for delivery quality at the customer’s facility.


The fact that our techniques for detecting and reducing waste can also be applied in the run-up to completely redesigned processes was again an important realization for all those involved. The success is a great motivation for future projects within the framework of our punker excellence program.

Martin Brunkert
Head of Operational Excellence / CQO | punker GmbH

With this project we have broken new ground at punker in two respects: firstly, with the Assembly Service we have set up a completely new process in our company for the first time. On the other hand, we have gained a new customer who is not another supplier or OEM, but a plant manufacturer – and thus, in our view, an end customer.

Frank Bergman
Area Sales Manager | punker GmbH

Assembly Service

With its assembly and manufacturing service, punker offers support to machine and system manufacturers who want to install aerodynamically sophisticated and high-quality blowers in their systems. Supply us with individual components or entrust us with the complete procurement of all components and assembly - we will find an individual solution for your needs.

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