Fan Wheels for Plug Fans, Air Handling Units and Kitchen Boxes

Heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems are responsible for a significant portion of a building's energy consumption. Therefore, the selection of the optimal fan wheel for the equipment used is crucial in order to achieve maximum energy efficiency at low noise levels.

The true heart of almost every system in the air conditioning and ventilation industry is the blower wheel. Whether as a plug fan, plenum fan or as a fan array, in unhoused operation or with a scroll housing, combined with EC or AC motors 50/60Hz, made of steel or aluminum: with a punker fan wheel, you will always achieve the optimum solution for your requirements in the air conditioning and ventilation industry.

Our experts for the HVAC industry draw on nearly 70 years of experience in partnership with leading manufacturers of HVAC systems to develop fan wheels and air handling system solutions. Energy efficiency is always in focus at punker. The efficient use of energy is of central importance for our future. That's why we look for solutions that make building ventilation more resource-efficient for people and the environment, now and in the future.

Fan Wheels for HVAC Applications


General HVAC

  • Air Handling Units
  • Plug Fans / Plenum Fans
  • Kitchen Boxes

Data Center Cooling

  • Supply / Exhaust Air
  • Plug Fans
  • Fan Arrays

Smoke Extraction

  • Smoke Extraction Fans
  • Roof Top Fans
  • Jet Fans / Garage Ventilation
  • Smoke and Heat Exhaust Systems (SHEVS)

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With puncat WEB, you can carry out the preliminary selection of fan wheels directly on our website. Display suitable products for your application by determining the duty point, speed and diameter and specify your search via energy efficiency requirements, available installation space or maximum shaft power.

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