Cooling of Brake Systems, Generators and Transformers

Particularly when it comes to cooling the drive and braking system in rail technology, a fan wheel has to meet stringent requirements. The goals are a long service life, traceability of all production steps - including test certificates for the materials used - and compliance with increased strength requirements. In order to meet the special demands of railroad applications in the best possible way at all times, we have initiated a separate rail process. The wheel designs of the Railway Line pass through our internal processes strictly separated from the fan wheels for general ventilation applications.

In times of advancing global warming and rising fuel and energy prices, more and more people are turning to rail as a means of transport and travel. With its Railway Line fan wheels, punker is making a contribution to energy-efficient and safe rail vehicles. In order to protect all components of the drive and braking systems of rail vehicles from overheating and thus damage, any heat losses that occur must be dissipated. punker Railway Line fan wheels ensure reliable cooling air flow with maximum energy efficiency, minimum space requirements and minimal noise.

punker Railway Line

Railway Line Fan Wheels

With the RAILWAY LINE, punker supplies fan wheels specially developed for cooling traction motors, brake systems and transformers in rail vehicles. Made of aluminum and acoustically optimized, the punker Railway Line fan wheels achieve weight savings of up to 72% and signifi cantly lower noise emissions compared with commercially available steel fan wheels. This makes it easier to comply with statutory weight and noise emission requirements. A particularly high degree of efficiency enables energy efficient cooling of the components used in rail vehicles and compliance with energy efficiency specifications. A long service life is ensured by the aluminum material, which is corrosion-resistant in many environments, and the additional powder coating.

Traceability of all production steps - including test certificates for the materials used - and compliance with the high strength requirements is ensured by the punker Railway process initiated specifi cally for this type of application. The fan wheels are tested for their operational strength even under high dynamic loads caused by vibrations and oscillations and validated by means of a cycle test. This is done using punker‘s own test procedures and standardized test steps.

Other technical features of the punker Railway process:

  • Conformity to the technical requirements (TSP) of the end customers.
  • Welding according to DIN EN 15085-2 (certification level CL2);
  • Coating to meet DIN EN 45545-2* (fire protection in rail vehicles)
  • Batch traceability of the material with 3.1 certificate
  • Temperature range from -40°C up to +80°C
  • Balance quality according to ISO 21940-1

*The fire protection requirements of the overall system must be evaluated separately.

  • Long service life, even under demanding environmental conditions (salinity, humidity, low temperatures)
  • High dynamic load capacity, for example due to vibrations and oscillations
  • Traceability and material test certificates
  • punker Railway process ensures compliance with special standards (e.g. DIN EN 15085) 
  • Suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments such as train stations thanks to low noise emissions
  • Enables compact system design thanks to small installation space
  • Very high efficiency of fan wheels enables increased energy efficiency
  • Weight savings of up to 72% compared with steel impellers commonly used in applications

Cooling of components of the drive and braking system such as

  • Braking systems, braking resistors
  • Transformers 
  • Traction motors


Technical Data
Models 3 diameters, one width each
Diameters 315 mm to 400 mm (12" to 16")
Material of Construction Aluminum
Inlet Cone ED11
Wheel-Motor-Mounting Fixed hub


Data Sheet Railway Line

Railway Line Fan Wheels

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Data Sheets | Inlet cones

Inlet Cone ED11

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