Vocational orientation for middle and high school students at punker

Finding the right profession is not always easy: we offer initial guidance in choosing a career through internships for schoolchildren, industry-supported school projects or our presence at job fairs. 

5 tips on how to find your dream profession in time for graduation

At the latest shortly before graduation, many of you are faced with the all-important question: which of the 324 (!!!) training occupations recognized in Germany do I want to learn? While some people already knew as a small child that they wanted to become an animal keeper, a police officer or a graphic designer, others are probably still quite disoriented. 
We'll show you five easy ways to find the vocational training that really suits you in time for graduation - maybe even at punker. 
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Training fairs

We participate in various training fairs. There you can find out about our apprenticeships, hear our apprentices describe their day-to-day training and, of course, ask questions. 

Wednesday, 03/15/2023

talent transfair | Digital Job Fair CAU and Kiel University of Applied Sciences

The joint job fair of the two largest universities in Schleswig-Holstein takes place twice a year. punker presents entry-level opportunities for students.

Wednesday, 03/15/2023

BIB - BerufsInformationsBörse

The BerufsInformationsBörse takes place annually at the beginning of November in Rendsburg. Here, our trainees present the opportunities for starting a career at punker in Eckernförde.

Company visits

For school classes, we conduct plant tours where you can get an insight into our production and breathe the first air in a metal company. 


In order to be able to make a better decision for a profession, it is always advantageous to have already had a taste of the air in a company. We will be happy to give you the opportunity to do this during school internship weeks, during school vacations, after graduation or completely individually according to your wishes. 

Your contact person

Would you like to do an internship at punker or visit us with your school class? Then feel free to contact our training manager! 

Jasmin Diekmann

Coordinator Commercial Training

Phone: +49.4351.472.394
E-Mail: diekmann@punker.de

Joachim Peetz

Coordinator Technical Training

Phone: +49.4351.472.387
E-Mail: peetz@punker.de

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