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Internships, student research projects and theses offer an excellent opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice for the first time. In addition, you will get to know your potential future employer and gain deep insights into the working atmosphere and processes of a company. 

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For students, punker offers the following opportunities:


Take advantage of our extensive opportunities in the technical and commercial fields and complete your internships with us during your studies. Depending on the field of study, the internship provides practical experience and knowledge through active participation and involvement in current projects in the areas of production engineering, design, research & development, sales, process management and purchasing. These are indispensable for later career entry. 


We regularly offer students the opportunity to write a bachelor's thesis, master's thesis, student research project or dissertation. From the very beginning, you will be assigned a supervisor who will provide you with individual advice and, of course, professional support. We constantly offer current topics from the areas of production engineering, design, research & development, sales, process management and purchasing. 

extra-occupational study

At punker, we want to promote the personal development of our employees on an individual basis - because each and every one of us is invited to actively contribute his or her ideas and skills to shaping the future of punker. Further development options also include part-time study or the dual model (training and study). 

Field report thesis at punker

During his studies in "Industrial Engineering - Electrical Engineering" at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Malte Eggers completed a 10-week internship at punker, followed by the preparation of his bachelor thesis. In an interview with our trainee Franziska Ramm, he talks about how he felt about the application process and the support he received, and what his plans are for his time after graduation. 

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Get to know your future employer

Contact us to discuss your individual options regarding internships or theses: 

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Please send us your application documents as pdf only. 

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BIB - BerufsInformationsBörse

The BerufsInformationsBörse takes place annually at the beginning of November in Rendsburg. Here, our trainees present the opportunities for starting a career at punker in Eckernförde.

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