Goals of the punker quality policy

Based on the culture of excellence, we formulate the following corporate goals:

Increasing customer value 
The basis of our business is solely satisfied customers. The more precisely we understand and anticipate the needs and expectations of our customers, the more satisfied they will be with our services. Our thoughts and actions are therefore geared to increasing the benefits for our customers - and thus improving their own competitive position.

In our relationships with our customers, we act as a reliable, proactive and responsible partner. We are open to new ideas and approach challenges with courage and flexibility.

Continuous improvement of our value creation performance
We design our processes on the basis of optimal value creation. To this end, we install strategically aligned structured processes. We monitor these processes on the basis of key performance indicators and continuously optimize them with a view to minimizing waste. To achieve balanced and sustainable results, we base our decisions on facts.

Increasing employee satisfaction
Knowing that the success of the company can only be achieved by the people who work for it, we respect each other and treat each other openly and respectfully. We create an atmosphere in our company in which each individual is happy to contribute himself and his ideas. In this context, the managers take on the role of mentors and role models.

Your contact persons in quality management


Christof Sievers

Chief Quality Officer



Fiona Berk

Quality Management Assistance



Christian Große

Quality Management