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Our experts in punker engineering draw on nearly 70 years of experience in the aerodynamic and aeroacoustic design and optimization of ventilation systems and plants from a wide range of industries and applications. From dust collection and extraction systems, the cooling of generators, drives, compressors and data centers to grain drying, seed drills and silo ventilation, these applications are all part of our wealth of experience.

We use this know-how, as well as our testing and qualification competencies, to provide you with the best possible advice and to jointly take the optimization of your products and systems to a new level.

Services of punker's Aerodynamic Consulting

  • General aerotechnical consulting
  • Application-specific design and optimization
  • System optimization consulting
  • Measurement services at the punker test facilities
  • Advice on legal standards and guidelines for fans
  • Aeroacoustic measurements and consulting for the reduction of noise emission
  • Advice on the drive concept
  • Advice on how to achieve the minimum requirements of the ErP (Ecodesign Directive)
  • Operating point optimization and determination of system/plant operating points
  • Consulting with regard to operating cost reduction

How we supported our customers in optimizing their systems


Car wash case study

  • ~ 10% less electrical power consumption
  • smaller and lighter fan wheel
  • ~ 5 dB(A) quieter operation

Case study sports hall ventilation

  • 26% Efficiency increase
  • -3 dB sound pressure
  • 26% less power consumption

Our aerodynamic consultants look forward to your Inquiry


Mathis Gosch

Application Expert Car Wash & Fume Exhaust & Compressor Cooling

Phone: +49.4351.472.230
Mobile: +49.172.7953.751


Fabian Hunke

Application Expert Grain Drying & Seeding, Spraying, Harvesting & Railway

Phone: +49.4351.472.220
Mobile: +49.173.729.1003


Sebastian Drescher

Application Expert Data Center Cooling & Smoke Extraction & Generator Cooling

Phone: +49.4351.472.250
Mobile: +49.172.7953.774


Levke Haase

Development Engineer FEM Simulation

Phone: +49.4351.472.329


Marvin Sievers

Development Engineer CFD Simulation

Phone: +49.4351.472.223

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