Smoke Extraction

Fan Wheels for Roof Top Fans and Jet Fans

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEVS) can make the difference between life and death in the worst case scenario. They provide a safe escape and rescue route by removing smoke and heat by means of smoke extraction fans (roof top fans, jet fans). Especially for SHEV manufacturers, many factors have to be kept in mind in order to be able to guarantee the safety and operational capability of the systems.

In order to remove the air that is heavily loaded with smoke and high temperatures of up to 600°C in the event of a fire, a high volume flow must be achieved with a defined counterpressure of the exhaust duct. To ensure that the increasing smoke gas temperatures during a fire do not lead to malfunctions of the smoke and heat exhaust system, the functionality of the fans used must be guaranteed at all times. In order to be able to guarantee this functionality, fire gas fans must be tested within the EU in accordance with DIN EN 12101-3 at an accredited laboratory. 

DIN EN 12101-3 certified fire gas fans are subject to defined guidelines with regard to product modifications. punker uses a special production process to help you ensure that the high qualitative requirements of the standard are met.

punker Smoke Extraction

Fan Wheels for Roof Top Fans

punker fan wheels for roof top fans are characterized by an optimum price/performance ratio and are particularly suitable for smoke extraction fans that remove heat and smoke in the event of a fire. The fan wheels generate a very high volume flow with limited installation space. With steel fan wheels that can withstand the high temperature classes of DIN EN 12101-3, punker offers an efficient and quiet option for roof fans that can handle both comfort ventilation and smoke extraction at the same time. Thanks to a wide range of performance and customized hub options, manufacturers of smoke and heat ventilation systems and smoke extraction fans can reduce their component diversity with punker's Smoke Extraction solution.

  • Use in certified smoke exhaust fans
  • Energy-efficient impeller enables savings in operating costs
  • Very high efficiency facilitates achievement of ErP specifications for dual use applications
  • Compact design allows space-saving installation
  • Easy installation and maintenance thanks to low weight
  • Versatile mounting options thanks to adaptable hub design
  • Smoke exhaust fan / Fire exhaust fan
  • Roof fan (also as dual-use application)
  • SHEV system
Technical Data
Models 14 diameters, one standard width each
Diameters 225 mm to 1000 mm (9" to 39")
Material of Construction Steel
Inlet Cone ED11
Wheel-Motor-Mounting Customizable hub design


punker Smoke Extraction

Fan Wheels for Jet Fans

The highest demands are placed on fans for garage smoke extraction - and not only in terms of temperature resistance, but also in terms of cost at the same time. The market for smoke extraction fans is extremely price-sensitive.

With Garage Ventilation, punker offers manufacturers of jet fans and garage fans a combination of fan impeller and inlet nozzle with a very low overall height. This allows a compact thrust fan to be designed with minimal material input and without additional baffles. The Garage Ventilation series is designed for common motor classes for 50 Hz and 60 Hz mains coverage, so that thrust classes from 50 N to 100 N can be covered by tuning in the overall system - optimal for reducing component diversity. Manufacturers can turn this cost-saving potential into a real competitive advantage.

  • Low overall height enables compact product design
  • Optimal matching of fan wheel and inlet cone
  • Suitable for 50 Hz and 60 Hz network coverage
  • Depending on the matching to the overall system, coverage of thrust classes 50 N to 100 N possible
  • Variable application possibilities help to reduce component variety and storage costs
  • Garage fans
  • Induction fans
  • Thrust fans
  • Smoke exhaust fans
Technical Data
Models 2 diameters, 2 widths each
Diameters 560 mm, 630 mm (22", 25")
Material of Construction Steel, galvanized
Inlet Cone ED11
Wheel-Motor-Mounting Taperlock hub


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Data Sheet Smoke Extraction

Smoke Extraction Fan Wheels

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Data Sheets | Inlet cones

Inlet Cone ED 11

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DIN EN 12101-3 | Certification of Powered Smoke and Heat Control Ventilators

Within the European Union, fans for smoke and heat extraction must be certified in accordance with Part 3 of DIN EN 12101-3 : 2015-12 (Smoke and heat control systems – Part 3: Specification for powered smoke and heat control ventilators (Fans). The temperature resistance of the fans is tested in accordance with DIN EN 12101-3 Smoke and heat control systems – Part 3: Specification for powered smoke and heat control ventilators (Fans) and divided into different temperature classes, e.g. temperature class F 200 (test temperature 200°C, with a test time of 120 minutes) or F 400 (test temperature 400°C, with a test time of 90 minutes). To ensure that the rising flue gas temperatures during a fire do not lead to malfunctions of the mechanical smoke exhaust system, suitable fans should therefore always be used. Exactly what these are is regulated in the standards of the respective building product regulations.

Smoke Exhaust Fan Weels | Small Component, Important Function

Fan wheels are important components of a smoke and heat ventilation system – they ensure the smooth functioning of the system and thus also the safety of people in the event of a fire. But unlike the actual system, they cannot be certified separately and, once the system has been certified, may only be changed with a great deal of effort in accordance with the normative change procedures or after consultation with the certifier. To ensure that you are always on the safe side and can fully rely on your smoke and heat extraction system, we have developed the punker Smoke Exhaust Process.

Smoke and Heat Control Certification with the punker Smoke Exhaust Process

Checking for Smoke Exhaust Relevance

Upon receipt of your inquiry, the responsible punker sales representative checks whether your inquiry is a product inquiry with requirements in accordance with DIN EN 12101-3.

Compilation of Required Data

If it is an application of this nature, the process is passed on to our experts in the engineering department. They are responsible for exchanging information with you on the data required for stress calculations, sampling processes and the creation of the product drawing.

Your Solution

The knowledge gained from these discussions is then incorporated into the working papers on the basis of which we produce your solution. This ensures that the fan wheels are manufactured in accordance with your requirements to meet your DIN EN 12101-3 certification.

10 Myths around the certification according to DIN EN 12101-3:2015

Unfortunately, there are also always misconceptions surrounding the use smoke and heat extraction ventilators (SHEV) within the scope of DIN EN 12101-3:2015. This not only leads to internal uncertainties, but can also result in your system not passing the certification process. To help you know what will and will not work, we have compiled and reviewed the most critical assumptions surrounding the certification of smoke exhaust fans with radial fan wheels for you.

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