Seeding, Spraying, Harvesting

Blower Kits for Seeding Drills, Combine Harvesters, and Plant Protection Sprayers

For the precise and low-impact discharge of seed with pneumatic seed drills, the hydraulic blowers used must control an aerodynamic operating point with both high pressure and volume flow, so that a high yield can be achieved.

Similar technical requirements must be covered by blowers used in combine harvesters or plant protection sprayers for fruit orchards or vineyards. However, a somewhat lower air output is often required here, as crop protection sprayers tend to be more compact in design due to their area of application.

In addition to the air technology requirements, the demands for the lowest possible ecological footprint of agricultural equipment are also increasing, and with them the acoustics and energy efficiency of the blowers used. Hydraulic blowers for pneumatic drills should operate as quietly as possible, particularly in the vicinity of residential areas, but also to protect wildlife in the immediate vicinity. In times of rising raw material costs, the energy efficiency of the blowers used in semi-mounted or mounted seed drills, combine harvesters or over-the-row equipment is becoming increasingly important for environmentally friendly agriculture.

Seeding, Spraying, Harvesting Blower Kits

Seeding, Spraying, Harvesting Kits

The Seeding, Spraying, Harvesting blower kits are specially designed blower kits for pneumatic seeders, combines and plant protection sprayers. For these applications, punker offers configuration options with backward-curved as well as forward-curved fan wheels. Both variants feature a very compact, robust and corrosion-resistant aluminum design. The fan with forward curved impeller generates a very high power density (high volume flow, high pressure), while the backward curved model achieves a comparatively high efficiency.

  • Very high volume flow guarantees precise seed application / optimum distribution of the crop protection agent / precise wind sifting of the crop
  • Aluminum impeller
  • Corrosion-resistant, robust cast aluminum housing
  • Longer service life, less assembly and maintenance work, better recyclability than plastic housing
  • Compact construction allows space-saving system design
  • Easy installation and maintenance thanks to low weight
  • Can be used for clockwise and counter-clockwise direction of rotation
  • Covers large aerodynamic area
  • Allows reduction of component variety
  • Enables cost savings in stock-keeping
  • Pneumatic seeding machines, pneumatic seed drills
  • Mounted seed drills, trailed seed drills
  • Combine harvesters
  • Plant protection sprayers (vineyards & orchards), over-row sprayers
Technical Data
Models 4 configurations
Hose Connection Dimensions 6", 8" 
Material of Construction Fan Wheel Aluminum
Material of Construction Housing Cast aluminum

Fixed hubs available with bore according to metric / imperial dimensional system



Data Sheet Seeding, Spraying, Harvesting

Seeding, Spraying, Harvesting Blower Kits

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