Thesis with punker

Student Malte Eggers reports on the preparation of his bachelor thesis in electrical engineering 

During his studies in "Industrial Engineering - Electrical Engineering" at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Malte Eggers completed a 10-week internship at punker, followed by the preparation of his bachelor thesis. In an interview with our trainee Franziska Ramm, he talks about how he felt about the application process, the support and what his plans are for the time after his studies. 

Hello Malte, please tell us something about yourself first.

My name is Malte Eggers, I am 26 years old and live in Eckernförde. I am studying industrial engineering and electrical engineering at Kiel University of Applied Sciences. Before that, I trained as an electronics technician for devices and systems at WTD 71 (Wehrtechnische Dienststelle für Schiffe und Marinewaffen, Maritime Technologie und Forschung) in Eckernförde. In my free time I play soccer for Eckernförder SV. 

How did you come across punker?

I asked around in all directions in my circle of friends before writing my bachelor thesis and became aware of this company through a punker co-worker. 

How did you apply for a job at punker?

On the punker website, I found out the email address in the "Students at punker" section. That's where I sent my application with cover letter, resume and current grades. 

How did you like the application process at punker?

The fact that the interviews took place in May/June meant that both sides were able to prepare well for the start of the internship in September and I received all the information I needed for a pleasant start. I also liked the process very much because of the previous tour of the plant.  

Have you been assigned a regular contact person or supervisor?

Yes, direct support was provided by Mr. von Heimburg, the head of electrical engineering and mechatronics at punker. I was also supported by the head of production engineering and other employees from the mechatronics/electrics department. 

Did you feel in good hands with punker?

Because I was well informed in advance and knew roughly what to expect, I felt well received and accordingly had a pleasant start, which was also made easier by nice colleagues. 

What was the topic of your bachelor thesis?

The title of my final thesis was "Identification of energy saving potentials using the example of a metal processing company - development of a measurement concept to optimize the use of compressed air". 

Were you given a topic or were you able to come up with one? If so, how did that go?

In the beginning, I was given two suggested topics to work on during the 10-week internship: 

  1. Sensory inspection of compressed air consumption and identification and evaluation of a technical measure to minimize compressed air consumption 
  2. Development/continuation of a measurement concept for measuring production-specific energy consumption 

However, I was also told that I would be happy to work on specially identified tasks in the punker environment and then write about them. During the internship, I did a little research into the two topics and ultimately chose the first of the two suggested topics, as I felt most comfortable in that area during the internship. 

How did you work on your thesis topic?

The main objective of the project was to extend an existing measuring device by a unit which makes the measured values storable so that the values can be better analyzed. Accordingly, I talked a lot with the trainees from the workshop and looked over their shoulders, as they had already gained experience with the measuring device, and I also researched how to document the values most easily. Therefore, I would describe the process as a good mix of communication with different areas within punker and working independently. 

What are your plans for after graduating with a bachelor's degree?

I definitely want to get my master's degree after I finish my thesis. Where and in what form, however, will only be decided for me in the coming weeks and months. Optimally, we would like to continue up here in the north. 

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