Schülerinnen und Schüler des Kunstprofils unter der Leitung von Frau Karoline Schmidt

“Work Space” exhibition

Capturing rooms visually, recording them with a camera and making the dominant atmosphere visible as well as depicting the location at hand, noting details, pointing out typical as well as special features.

The project made it possible to explore the factory halls photographically, a welcome opportunity to explore the rooms of the industrial and working world more closely and intensively. The young photographers focused on shaping their own impressions of the work spaces and expressing these impressions photographically. In addition, they also gained insight on the “intermediate spaces” and details that such a modern industrial operation has to offer.

The project was created in cooperation with the state of Schleswig-Holstein (“Landespartnerschaft Schule und Wirtschaft”), where schools and companies work closely together. Our sincere thanks go to everyone involved in this project.

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