Attention: Frequently all operating details are either not known or only inaccurately known. You must therefore as a manufacturer make sure by suitable tests that the correct fan wheel has been selected. When the following questions are answered as comprehensive as possible, we can submit a proposal as quickly and as defi nite as possible. Please give us further details on a supplementary sheet. This questionnaire on no account replaces a technical specifi cation (TSP).

1. General Information

1.1. Fan application (type of unit and appliance, rail application, compressor, etc.)

1.2. Are there any special requirements on safety conditions? (e.g. explosion protection, danger of accident at wheel failure, etc.)

1.3. Medium to be handled and its state (e.g. smoke gas with t max = 300° C, dust laden air or similar)?

2. Air Duty

(as far as possible details for the medium to be handled with rho = 1.2 kg/m³)

2.1. Volume flow
V˙ = m³/h / cfm

2.2. Static pressure increase
Δpfa = Pa / inch WG

2.3. Single flow „E“/double flow „D“? &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp E/D

2.4. Density of the medium
rho = kg/m³ / lb/ft³

2.5. Max. media temperature
t = °C / °F

2.6. Max. A-rated sound power level
Lw = dB(A)

2.7. Other details (e.g. max. flow speed, special curve steepness, etc.)?

3. Drive

3.1. Is the speed optional? (min … max)

3.2. Direct motor drive?

n = rpm

3.3. Is a maximum motor power specified?
Pw = kW / hp

4. Dimensions and Constructive Execution of the Fan Wheel

4.1. Can a usual fan housing be used?

yesno, max. dimension:

4.2. Are certain main wheel dimensions prescribed?

4.3. Hub bore
Ø d = mm, fit
without/with keyway?

4.4. Hub model and arrangement (e.g. inside the wheel, outside, etc.)

4.5. Material wheel body?


4.6. Additional surface protection?

galvanizedpowder coatedothers:

4.7. Other details

5. Requirements, price

5.1. Do you firstly want a quotation for

5.1.1. Sample wheels pcs.

5.1.2. Later series pcs. p.a.

Order quantity pcs./order

5.1.3. Series production anticipated DD/MM/YYYY