Forward-curved impellers

punker F-Series

  • Tabbed construction
  • 2 5/8” to 31 1/2” (67 to 800mm) diameter
  • Installation in scroll housings
  • Single- and double width construction
  • Various materials of construction and coatings
  • Compatible with various AC/EC-motors 50/60Hz
  • High static efficiency
  • Performance characteristics: Airflow up to 72,000 CFM (34m³/s) | pressure up to 8” inWG (2,000 Pa)
  • Applications: Oil and gas burners, household appliances, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC/AHU)

The punker F-Series’ forward-curved fan wheels offer a very good price-performance ratio. All F-Series wheels offer excellent technical characteristics, a long lifecycle, compact construction as well as very low noise levels. The Fclassic and Fprime wheel series meet everyday performance expectations with high performance density and compact size.