Tkit 80/ 100

Cross-flow fan kit

Front view

45° angle

Side view


  • Tkit 80/100 mm diameter cross-flow fan kit with aluminum housing in varying lengths
  • Even air distribution across a large range
  • Actual performance data are dependent on the motor properties
  • Various accessory parts available
  • Non-standard models in special dimensions and materials of construction available upon request
  • Compatible with various AC/EC-motors 50/60Hz

Technical Data

  • Models: standard model sizes available in 2 different diameters with varying widths
  • Diameter 3 1/4” and 4”
  • Material:
    • Wheels made of aluminum
    • Housing Tkit 80/100: Aluminum with varying lengths
  • Production process: Tabbed construction
  • Construction:Single width
  • Mounting: Standard hub design


Cross-Flow Fan for:

  • Air curtains
  • Sub-floor convectors
  • Compact air handling units
  • Floor convectors
  • Home Appliances
  • Electrical cabinet cooling

Data Sheets

Data Sheet: