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45° Angle

Side View


  • highly efficient diffuser impeller
  • low noise emission thanks to airfoil blade geometry
  • low power consumption in main operating mode
  • powder coating for use in corrosive environments
  • low depth of inlet cone allows space-saving housing designs
  • circumferential diffuser enables optimum performance data
  • start-stop operation simulated on cycle test bench

Technical Data

  • Models: standard available in 3 diameters and one fixed width
  • Diameter: 355 mm, 400 mm, 450 mm
  • Material: aluminum, powder-coated
  • Manufacturing process: welded
  • Design: single-flow
  • Blade geometry: airfoil
  • Inlet cone: ED 11
  • Connectivity: Taperlock system


  • Car wash systems
  • Tunnel systems
  • Drive-thru car washes
  • On-board drying sytems
  • Dryers
  • Fans / blowers for drying in carwashes

Data Sheets

Impeller Data Sheet:


Inlet Cone Data Sheet:

pdf-iconInlet Cone ED 11
PDF, 549 KB

Case Study Car Wash Systems

High-efficiency, low-noise impellers for car wash systems

Retrofit of car wash dryer system with punker impeller reduces electrical power intake, noise and blower weight.