Backward-curved impellers

  • Available in tabbed and welded construction
  • 7” to 49 3/16” (180 to 1,000 mm) diameter
  • Use in un-housed applications or in scroll housing
  • Single and double width construction
  • Available in different materials of construction and coatings
  • Compatible with various AC/EC-motors 50/60Hz
  • High static efficiency
  • Performance characteristics, un-housed installation:
    Volume flow Airflow: up to 45,000 CFM (21m³/s) | pressure: up to 16” inWG (4,000 Pa)
  • Performance characteristics in scroll housing: Airflow:up to 38,000 CFM (18m³/s) | pressure:up to 16” inWG (4,000 Pa)
  • Applications: Integrated fans, roof ventilators, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC/AHU), industrial applications

Every wheel model in the backward-curved product line has its unique advantages and displays its entire potential during operation – highest levels of efficiency, very high performance density and a pleasant noise spectrum characterize these products.

Type series