Know-how that pays off for you.

Success requires continuous education.Because of this, punker invests an above-average amount in the continued training and education of all employees involved in the development process – and in building up the know-how of our customers and partners. For example, we offer very well-attended seminars at our company headquarters in Eckernförde and directly at our customers’ facility.

The Ventilation Technology Seminar

Fans are used for many applications in which a gaseous medium has to be moved.Aside from introducing participants to the theoretical foundations of air movement technology, the “Ventilation Technology Seminar” is also intended to provide an overview of the different impeller types and their proper use.A poorly designed system can lead to system effect losses that will negatively influence fan performance output, sound performance and fan efficiency. Incorrect system calculations can mean the fan cannot reach the desired operating point. Corrections after installation cost time and money.

The seminar provides participants with a brush-up on theoretical foundations as well as practical tips and direction on selecting the correct wheel for an application. The seminar also aims to show how the interaction between the system and the fan works.punker’s fan selection software PunCat is also introduced to help participants learn how to select fan impellers to meet specific operating criteria.

The following subjects will be covered:

  • Definitions of the most important basic terms from ventilation and fluid mechanics technology
  • Basic laws of flow calculation
  • Types of impellers specifically centrifugal impellers
  • Interaction of ventilator and system
  • Foundations of acoustic
  • Wheel strength designs for centrifugal impellers
  • Calculations of ErP conformity
  • Performance Measurement in punker R&D and explanation of the measuring systems
  • Introduction of the PunCat fan selection software
  • Introduction of website (registration and newsletter)

Date : upon request
Time : 8:00 am – approx. 4:00 pm
Location : Seminar room at punker GmbH, 24340 Eckernförde or at your facility
Seminar language : optionally German or English
Seminar costs: upon request

For room reservations, additional information or seminars at your facility please contact us.