Case Study: Fast Lane Projects

Fan Wheels for In-Store Baking Ovens


Globally established Manufacturer of bakery systems and in-store baking stations


  • Short-term takeover of supplies due to plant closure of the customer’s previous supplier
  • Changeover of the production line within one week
  • Design and manufacture of tooling fixtures


  • Supply of spot-welded fan impellers for shop baking stations
  • Delivery of ~ 500 pieces within 4 weeks after request


  • Averted impending production and delivery downtime on customer-side

Project Overview

Our long-standing customer contacted us because one of their suppliers had to temporarily close its plant due to the dramatic effects of the Corona pandemic and was therefore no longer able to supply a certain series of fan wheels for in-store baking ovens.

The customer asked punker to take over the demand at short notice in order to be able to avert impending production and delivery failures. Although punker has never manufactured fan wheels of this particular series before, we were able to supply ~ 500 spot-welded fan wheels within 4 weeks of an inquiry, thus ensuring the continuation of production at the customer.

Our Client

Our customer is a manufacturer of bakery systems, in-store baking stations and automation technology. Technologically, their systems are among the most sophisticated systems on the market today. The company has subsidiaries in North America, Russia, Europe, and Asia and employs a total of 700 people.

Their secondary or tertiary market is hospitality.  With the high quality, unique aesthetics, smaller footprint design and low noise, Vector will allow restaurants, hotels and other establishments to adopt a new way to provide heating and cooling in open spaces where no system to date can achieve in a single mobile solution.


Due to the severe effects of the Corona crisis, our customer’s supplier had to temporarily close their production plant. As a result, our customer was at risk of being unable to deliver and thus suffering considerable losses in sales. Against the background of a significant increase in demand for baked goods in supermarkets, bakeries and confectioneries, this could have had a noticeable negative impact on our customer’s competitiveness.

The customer turned to punker with the request to check the feasibility of taking over the demands as quickly as possible. Since this series had not been manufactured by punker up to now, the fulfilment of the customer’s request required the conversion of an entire production line including the creation of new tooling fixtures within a very short time. Thanks to our own tool design and tool construction departments, we have the possibility of adapting individual production lines to the urgent needs of our customers in the shortest possible time.


After the customer approached punker with this urgent request at the end of March 2020, the feasibility of production and delivery was checked internally within a week and positive feedback was given.

After the order was placed, final details regarding the design of the fan impellers and the necessary construction of temporary fixtures were agreed between punker and the customer, so that punker tooling department could immediately start with the production of the required tool fixtures.

Three weeks after the initial inquiry, punker started manufacturing the requested fan impellers. One week later the first delivery left the headquarters in Eckernförde.

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Technical Questionnaire




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    Attention: Frequently all operating details are either not known or only inaccurately known. You must therefore as a manufacturer make sure by suitable tests that the correct fan wheel has been selected. When the following questions are answered as comprehensive as possible, we can submit a proposal as quickly and as defi nite as possible. Please give us further details on a supplementary sheet. This questionnaire on no account replaces a technical specifi cation (TSP).

    1. General Information

    1.1. Fan application (type of unit and appliance, rail application, compressor, etc.)

    1.2. Are there any special requirements on safety conditions? (e.g. explosion protection, danger of accident at wheel failure, etc.)


    Please state special requirements:

    1.3. Medium to be handled and its state (e.g. smoke gas with t max = 300° C, dust laden air or similar)??

    2. Air Duty

    2.1. Volume flow
    V' = m³/hcfm

    2.2. Static pressure increase
    Δpfa = PainWG

    2.3. single flow/double flow?

    2.4. Density of the medium
    rho = kg/m³lb/ft³

    2.5. Max. media temperature
    t = °C°F

    2.6. Max. A-rated sound power level
    Lw = dB(A)

    2.7. Other technical details (e.g. max. flow speed, special curve steepness, etc.)?

    3. Drive

    3.1 Is the speed variable?


    minimum ; maximum rpm
    fixed speed rpm

    3.2. Direct motor drive

    n = rpm

    3.3. Is a maximum motor power specified?


    maximum motor power Pw = kWhp

    3.4 Operating mode?

    S1 - IEC 60034-1other operating mode

    other operating mode =

    4. Dimensions and Constructional Execution of the Fan Wheel

    4.1. Can a standard fan housing be used?


    max. dimensions of spiral housing:

    4.2. Are certain main wheel dimensions defined?

    main wheel dimensions:

    4.3. Hub bore
    Ø d = mm, fit
    with/without keyway?


    4.4. Hub model and arrangement (e.g. inside the wheel, outside, etc.)

    4.5. Material of wheel body


    other material:

    4.6. Additional surface protection


    other surface protection:

    4.7. Additional specifications

    5. Demand, Pricing

    5.1 You would like to request an offer for:

    Sample wheels: pcs.

    (later) batch: pcs/year

    Lot size pcs/order

    5.2 planned start of production TT/MM/JJJJ