Case Study: Cleva Technologies

Revolutionizing mobile air conditioning


Cleva Technologies (Boca Raton, FL / USA)


  • Fan Wheels for mobile air conditioner
  • Combine heating, cooling and moving air
  • Increase Energy Efficiency, Volume Flow
  • Reduce sound emissions to a minimum


  • Incorporate punker T-Series tangential fan wheels
  • Fan housing design based on recent punker developments
  • Fan wheel adaptation
  • Optimized system design


  • 10 decibel quieter at same air flow
  • Combined cooling, heating, oscillating
  • Increasing units per shipping palette

Project Overview

Our customer’s goal was no less than to revolutionize the Mobile Climate Control market by taking three technologies (Heating, Cooling, Air flow) and finding a way to combine them into one functionally advanced and visually appealing mobile air conditioning unit. The targeted technical advantages included high energy efficiency, increased volume flow and reduced noise emission while maintaining a compact design. The solution was to utilize new innovative ways to move air as quietly as possible by using punker T-Series cross-flow wheels.

All images (c) Cleva Technologies

Our Client

Cleva Technologies is a multi-faceted engineering and consulting firm, committed to combining art and innovation to create advanced technology solutions to several different markets.

Established in 2008, Cleva Technologies  designs and manufactures several different products, including batteries and energy systems (Cleva Power), climate control, medical and consumer products.

Cleva Technologies has been working over the last year to launch their product called Vector, the latest innovation in Mobile Climate Control technology.  Vector’s primary function is to move cool air in places that require heat mitigation.  Vector features two punker T-Series cross flow wheels that are computer controlled to offer users 110 degrees of oscillation without the articulating parts seen in conventional fans.

Aside from Vector being a fan, additional features include ultrasonic atomization (introduction of fine particles of water into the air) to create an evaporative cooling effect, and heating capabilities using a concealable propane fuel source.  Vector combines three technologies (two misting solutions and heating) into one product to use across many applications to create the most advanced Mobile Climate Control System.

Cleva’s primary market is the rental air condition unit market.  The rental market buys products in quantity and rents them to Universities and schools, party rental companies, for outdoor events etc.

Their secondary or tertiary market is hospitality.  With the high quality, unique aesthetics, smaller footprint design and low noise, Vector will allow restaurants, hotels and other establishments to adopt a new way to provide heating and cooling in open spaces where no system to date can achieve in a single mobile solution.


  • To revolutionize the Mobile Climate Control market.
  • To introduce one system that has 3 capabilities (Heating, Cooling, Moving Air).
  • Make a system that is more energy efficient, has a smaller footprint and is much more versatile.
  • Create a way to make our process cleaner and safer for users.
  • Move large amounts of air while keeping the decibels below that of the competition. Punker wheels play a key role in mitigating sound.

Some of the main challenges the team faced was finding a solution to move and oscillate large amounts of cooling air in a proprietary way, while simultaneously focusing on the smallest footprint.   punker was able to assist with this process by not just providing the crossflow wheels but having the punker engineering team optimize the system design around their wheels.

“When we first began using punker wheels, we were getting positive results, but not optimal.  Together, through creative discussions and testing, we were able to optimize airflow and solidify our products primary function, which was the common goal.”

Larry Canipe (CEO – Cleva)


Through video conference calls with punker sales and engineering, as well as the utilization of airflow diagrams, the positioning of the wheels was fine-tuned and the system housing designed to optimize air-flow, increase efficiency and reduce noise level / improve noise quality.  Furthermore, punker continues to assist the Cleva design team with different sized wheels and versions as another means of improved and uniform airflow.

punker provides two cross flow wheels (CCW & CW) for every unit for a straightened air flow.  The Cleve sales team intends to be extremely aggressive at the time they launch.  Through this, punker will have affiliates indirectly and directly representing their product in yet another market that is waiting for a product like Cleva’s to carry it through a revitalization process.  For far too long, this market has been saturated with the same revolving technology.  This is both Cleva and punker’s opportunity to introduce a revolution product into the marketplace while at the same time, offer a much more efficient, better looking, and environmentally friendly product.


From the first introduction of punker by Frank Mueller (Area Sales Manager North, Central and South America) the relationship has been excellent. The onsite visit at punker LLC in Hickory, NC in the early design phase allowed Cleva to introduce the product concept to the punker team. With the scaled assembly (2000- 5000 units) planned for the Vector system in 2020, located in Columbia S.C., punker is strategically positioned in North Carolina to provide large volume of product in a logistically convenient location.  With expert air flow engineering from punker the Cleva design team has been able to fast track and optimize the system design.

punker T-Series

punker T-Series

Distinct product characteristics of the T-Series’ cross-flow fan wheels are even air distribution, low noise level and low installation height. Cross-flow impellers are available in diameters of up to 5 15/64” (133 mm) and lengths up to 39 1/2” (1,000 mm).

Your Project with punker

Are you also planning an innovative product that will revolutionize the market? Rely on the support of the punker R&D team. Our design engineers will work with you to find the perfect air movement solution for your project.

Do you already have a detailed view of your new product and can provide information on air performance, drive and design specifications? Then simply send us these details using the technical questionnaire below and our team will immediately define suitable solutions for you from the broad punker portfolio.

Or are you looking for a sparring partner who will work with you to develop ideas for a new or optimized series generation and accompany you all the way to series production? Then simply contact our application engineers by e-mail at

Technical Questionnaire




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    Attention: Frequently all operating details are either not known or only inaccurately known. You must therefore as a manufacturer make sure by suitable tests that the correct fan wheel has been selected. When the following questions are answered as comprehensive as possible, we can submit a proposal as quickly and as defi nite as possible. Please give us further details on a supplementary sheet. This questionnaire on no account replaces a technical specifi cation (TSP).

    1. General Information

    1.1. Fan application (type of unit and appliance, rail application, compressor, etc.)

    1.2. Are there any special requirements on safety conditions? (e.g. explosion protection, danger of accident at wheel failure, etc.)


    Please state special requirements:

    1.3. Medium to be handled and its state (e.g. smoke gas with t max = 300° C, dust laden air or similar)??

    2. Air Duty

    2.1. Volume flow
    V' = m³/hcfm

    2.2. Static pressure increase
    Δpfa = PainWG

    2.3. single flow/double flow?

    2.4. Density of the medium
    rho = kg/m³lb/ft³

    2.5. Max. media temperature
    t = °C°F

    2.6. Max. A-rated sound power level
    Lw = dB(A)

    2.7. Other technical details (e.g. max. flow speed, special curve steepness, etc.)?

    3. Drive

    3.1 Is the speed variable?


    minimum ; maximum rpm
    fixed speed rpm

    3.2. Direct motor drive

    n = rpm

    3.3. Is a maximum motor power specified?


    maximum motor power Pw = kWhp

    3.4 Operating mode?

    S1 - IEC 60034-1other operating mode

    other operating mode =

    4. Dimensions and Constructional Execution of the Fan Wheel

    4.1. Can a standard fan housing be used?


    max. dimensions of spiral housing:

    4.2. Are certain main wheel dimensions defined?

    main wheel dimensions:

    4.3. Hub bore
    Ø d = mm, fit
    with/without keyway?


    4.4. Hub model and arrangement (e.g. inside the wheel, outside, etc.)

    4.5. Material of wheel body


    other material:

    4.6. Additional surface protection


    other surface protection:

    4.7. Additional specifications

    5. Demand, Pricing

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    Sample wheels: pcs.

    (later) batch: pcs/year

    Lot size pcs/order

    5.2 planned start of production TT/MM/JJJJ