Fan impellers for the agricultural industry

Seeding, fertilizing, harvesting, separating, drying, ventilating.

Precise, reliable and quiet movement of air is of vital importance in the agricultural industry. An example is the pneumatic conveyance of seeds in seeding machines which deliver seeds in precise quantities to the right location in the soil. Another example is harvest separators which use a defined airflow to separate crop from dirt, rocks and other debris.

The attainment of the performance operating point is a challenge that we have met for many years. Your benefit in choosing punker is that we size the wheel and housing geometries to meet your required motor horsepower and operating speed using our experienced technical assistance team.

Impeller recommendations for this industry:

Fan Kit recommendations for this industry:


Blowers and fans in

  • Pneumatic seeding machines
  • Grain drying
  • Crop separators
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Granular applicators
  • Air seeders
  • Potato harvesters
  • Chaff spreaders
  • Barn ventilation

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