Fan Wheels for Generators

As part of a unit that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, generators are used, for example, in wind turbines and power plants. The heat losses at the copper windings that occur due to the large amount of power to be transmitted must be removed to prevent damage to the generator. Efficient generator cooling ensures the performance and cost-effectiveness of the entire plant.

Generators of onshore and offshore wind turbines are usually air-cooled. Fans at the rear of the pod, for example, draw in outside air and transport it through the generator via ventilation gaps. The rotor and stator of the generator give off heat to the ambient air and are thus cooled. The warm exhaust air is in turn discharged to the outside by the fans. For air cooling of the generators in wind turbines, both free-running fans and housing fans which generate high volume flows are used.

punker Generator Cooling

Generator Cooling Fan Wheels

With the Generator Cooling Line, punker supplies energy-efficient and at the same time extremely robust fan wheels for cooling generators used in wind turbines. The fan wheels, which were specially developed for this application, deliver a high volume flow with a compact design, enabling reliable and space-saving cooling of the generators used. The Generator Cooling fan wheels cover a wide range of operating points with a high power density. The extremely robust design of the fan wheel ensures resistance even to possible vibration and shock as well as high ambient temperatures. A variable aluminum or steel design with optional coating provides corrosion resistance for long life.

With the robust wheel design, corrosion-resistant materials and worldwide availability of the fan wheels, punker is doing its part to minimize the risk of failure in the critical infrastructure of wind energy. Leading global manufacturers from the energy supply sector rely on punker's decades of experience in cooling generators.

  • Rugged construction withstands high speed, possible vibration and shocks
  • Variable material designs and optional coating ensure corrosion resistance even in saline air and extreme ambient conditions
  • High air flow with compact design enables space-saving system design
  • Generator Cooling fan wheels are designed for maximum energy efficiency
  • Optimally balanced according to application requirements
  • With direct motor drive, highest possible air performance achievable through a wide range of characteristic curves
  • Air cooling of generators
  • Wind turbines, onshore, offshore
Technical Data
Models 8 diameters, three standard width each
Diameters 355 mm to 800 mm (14" to 32")
Material of construction Steel / aluminum
Inlet Cone ED11 
Wheel-Motor-Mounting Taperlock-Hub / Fixed hub

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