Fume Exhaust

Fan Wheels for Extraction Systems and Dust Collectors

Extraction systems are indispensable in a wide variety of industrial manufacturing processes, where the generation of smoke, dust or fumes can hardly be avoided. Typical end applications include welding fume extraction, separators for oil and emulsion mist as well as gases and vapors, and extraction of automotive test stands.

The common task of the various systems is to extract polluted or contaminated air, to clean it via filters and separators of different designs depending on the application, and to release it back into the environment in a clean state. This minimizes environmental pollution and hazards to the health of people in the immediate vicinity. In order to make the whole process energy-efficient and to create good working conditions around the equipment, the fan wheels used in the blowers must have high efficiency and low noise pollution. We offer you the appropriate fan wheels for this application, which at the same time comply with the latest regulation of ErP 327/2011.

punker Fume Exhaust

Fume Exhaust Fan Wheels

The development of the Fume Exhaust fan wheels was based on punkers' decades of expertise in the development of ventilation solutions for extraction and separation technology. Manufacturers of mobile and stationary extraction systems as well as oil and emulsion mist separators benefit in several ways: Thanks to the steep characteristic curve, these impellers always meet the requirements of your application. Even if the system pressure changes significantly, the fan wheels always provide sufficient suction power and increased filter resistances can be overcome. The very narrow yet robust design of the Fume Exhaust fan wheels enables a space-saving system design with a long service life. The energy-efficient fan wheels are available in a wide range of diameter and width combinations and thus reliably cover the operating ranges of extraction and separation systems of the most varied types and dimensions.


Flexible unit placement options
as compact fan wheel design with two possible directions of rotation allows space-saving plant designs.

High extraction efficiency
Even large filter resistances are overcome thanks to the high static pressure generation of the fan impeller.

Efficient, long-lasting system design with low maintenance costs
made possible by fan wheels that are optimally matched to the housing and motor, make maximum use of the motor's power potential, and whose strength has been confirmed in cycle tests.

  • Industrial exhaust systems, exhaust arms
  • Welding fume extraction
  • Exhaust fume extraction
  • Dust extraction
  • Wet separator, dry separator
  • Oil mist separation, emulsion mist separation, oil smoke separation, oil
  • Bypass filtration
  • Wood dust collection systems
  • Dust collection systems
Technical Data
Models 9 diameters with up to 3 standard widths each
Diameters 250 mm to 630 mm (10" to 25")
Material of Construction Aluminum; Steel blank / powder-coated 
Inlet Cone ED2-K
Wheel-Motor-Mounting Fixed hub, optionally Taperlock hub
Use Scroll housing

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