Case Study: Blower units for commercial ovens and rack ovens

Assembly Service


  • Technology leader in in-store baking and bakery systems


  • Correct system imbalances in 12 circulation units
  • Assemble customer-provided components
  • Deliver complete fan units


  • Development of customer-specific toolings
  • Assembly of all components 
  • Deliver 700 units / year


  • Eliminated system failures caused by imbalances
  • Reduced variant complexity
  • Freed up customer’s production capacities
  • Reduced customer’s reclamation costs

Project Overview

Our customer has been using punker fan wheels for the blower units of their technologically leading bakery systems and shop baking stations since the 1960s/1970s. After the customer consulted us in 2013 regarding the imbalances occurring in the blower units used in rack ovens and wagon ovens, punker has since then been responsible for the assembly of 700 blower units p.a. and the procurement of the required motors for the customer. This way, the customer was able to reduce their complaint costs significantly.

Our Customer

Our customer is a manufacturer of bakery systems, in-store baking stations and automation technology. Technologically, their systems are among the most sophisticated systems on the market today. The company group has subsidiaries on four continents where they employ a total of 700 people.

Fan Wheels for Rack Ovens

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The company has been purchasing backward-curved fan wheels of the HLS70 series from punker since the 1960s / 1970s. Later, forward curved wheels of the Fprime range were also added. The wheels are used in blowers for the various ovens.

In 2013, imbalances in the blowers in the field increased, which led to complaints from their customers. Due to limited capacities on the part of our customer and punker’s many years of experience in the development of air technology solutions for the food industry, the customer consulted us and asked for an analysis of the units.

punker Impellers Wagon Ovens


The customer provided punker with all components of the blowers for a comprehensive analysis of the units. After a sampling phase at punker, the imbalances could be eliminated. In order to relieve the customer’s capacities, the production of the motor plate, the procurement of the motors and the assembly of the blower units is now carried out at punker.

punker supplies the customer with 12 different blower types in a total quantity of 700 units p.a. Further units/types will follow. Since punker took over the production and assembly in 2015, there have been no more complaints due to imbalances, the purchase of the blower units is cost-neutral for the customer.


  • Eliminated system failures caused by imbalances
  • Reduced variant complexity
  • Freed up customer’s production capacities
  • Reduced customer’s reclamation costs

Assembly Service

With its assembly and manufacturing service, punker offers support to machine and system manufacturers who want to install aerodynamically sophisticated and high-quality blowers in their systems. Supply us with individual components or entrust us with the complete procurement of all components and assembly - we will find an individual solution for your needs.

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