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Sunday, December 11, 2022

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Our Solutions

General HVAC

The General HVAC fan wheels from punker have been specially developed to meet the technical requirements of the HVAC industry. They are particularly suitable for plug fans and plenum fans used in unhoused applications, such as Air Handling Units (AHU). The fan wheels of the General HVAC Line are designed for high energy efficiency, low noise emission, low weight and optimum use of available space, and offer a convincing price/performance ratio. They cover application ranges up to 4.000 Pa (16 in WG) static pressure rise and achieve a static efficiency of up to 78%. Different materials, joining methods and wheel-motor connections allow flexible use, also with regard to a wide variety of drives.

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Data Center Cooling 

The new Data Center Cooling fan wheel from punker has been specially developed for supply and exhaust air in data centers where very high volume flows at low pressure are required. The new Data Center Cooling fan wheel achieves a significantly higher efficiency than competitor products in this application area. The use of this fan wheel thus enables savings in the operating costs of a data center. Another positive side effect is the reduction in noise emissions.

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Roof Top Fans

punker fan wheels for Roof Top Fans are characterized by an optimum price/performance ratio and are particularly suitable for smoke extraction fans that remove heat and smoke in the event of a fire. The fan wheels generate a very high volume flow with limited installation space. With steel fan wheels that can withstand the high temperature classes of DIN EN 12101-3, punker offers an efficient and quiet option for roof fans that can handle both comfort ventilation and smoke extraction at the same time. Thanks to a wide range of performance and customized hub options, manufacturers of smoke and heat ventilation systems and smoke extraction fans can reduce their component diversity with punker's Smoke Extraction solution.


Jet Fans

The highest demands are placed on jet fans for garage smoke extraction - and not only in terms of temperature resistance, but also in terms of cost at the same time. The market for smoke extraction fans is extremely price-sensitive.

With Garage Ventilation, punker offers manufacturers of jet fans and garage fans a combination of fan impeller and inlet nozzle with a very low overall height. This allows a compact thrust fan to be designed with minimal material input and without additional baffles. The Garage Ventilation series is designed for common motor classes for 50 Hz and 60 Hz mains coverage, so that thrust classes from 50 N to 100 N can be covered by tuning in the overall system - optimal for reducing component diversity. Manufacturers can turn this cost-saving potential into a real competitive advantage.

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