Safety instructions

For external service providers and visitors during their stay at punker

Dear visitor,
Dear service provider,

Welcome to punker in Eckernförde. Please adhere to the following rules of conduct for your own protection and for the protection of others.



Before entering the premises, please report to the head office at Niewark 1.


Identification of visitors

External personnel and visitors are required to wear red or green vests when entering the production and/or offices. This makes punker employees more aware of you in case of danger.

If you are to perform maintenance work as a service provider, we will check whether your general punker-related accident prevention regulations instruction is still up to date. This is carried out at least once a year by one of our employees and is not transferable to third parties.


Assignment to your contact person for maintenance work

You will be met at the front desk by your contact person and introduced to your work area. Since the maintenance work usually takes place during ongoing production, you will be introduced to area managers with whom you will coordinate your work if necessary. Stay exclusively in the areas to which you have been instructed.


Finishing work

After completion of your work, get in touch with your contact person for sign-off. This can be done by phone or via the front desk.



Before leaving the company, please sign out at the front desk and return your vest. If the front desk is no longer staffed, sign out with your contact person. They will also collect your vest.


General information

Maintenance work is carried out exclusively in accordance with the applicable rules as per accident prevention regulations instruction and with the visitor's own personal protective equipment (PPE). Visitors who do not wear PPE stay exclusively on the main routes in the production area and do not leave the group.



Smoking is generally prohibited on the plant premises and inside buildings.


Waste management

Please take waste that has resulted from your work with you. Other waste will be disposed of in the trash only by agreement.


Violation of the rules of conduct

In the event of damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence due to violation of the these rules of conduct or violation of instructions given by your contact persons, you will bear full responsibility and any costs incurred.

Be attentive and observe the safety and danger signs. In the winter months, please pay attention to snow and ice loads.


Road traffic regulations

On our company premises, our construction sites and parking areas the road traffic regulations (StVo) apply.


Please do not touch

Do not touch any workpieces or machines in the production areas.


Factory traffic

Please observe the factory traffic outside and inside the factory halls. Footpaths and driveways are in some cases not structurally demarcated.



As a vehicle operator, act carefully and considerately. Avoid any obstruction of internal traffic.

  • The maximum speed is 6 km/h.
  • Park your vehicle only in the space assigned by the contact person.
  • Keep driveways, gates, hydrants, escape and rescue routes, and fire department access routes clear.
  • Wear safety shoes and high-visibility vests on the plant premises (delivery traffic).
  • Accompanying persons and animals in the cab of a truck are not allowed to leave the cab. The driver must prevent any interference with the orderly operation of the plant or access to the vehicle's technology.



Use the handrails when using stairs.



Taking pictures or video footage of machinery or equipment of any kind is prohibited.



The consumption and carrying of alcohol and other intoxicating substances are prohibited.


Cardiac pacemakers

Especially in areas with electromagnetic fields, please note the restricted access for persons with pacemakers and implants.


First aid

Our first-aid rooms and first-aiders are at your disposal if necessary. Please report all accidents and near-accidents to your contact person.


Emergency assembly point

In the event of an emergency, remain calm and leave the building through the nearest emergency exit. Do not use elevators. Follow the signs to the assembly point.


Factory safety

Please report emergency situations immediately to your contact person.



As a visitor, you are obligated to keep secret all company and business secrets and other information that have been disclosed to you.

All instructions given by your contact persons and the plant security personnel must be followed.


Helpful phone numbers
Fire department / Ambulance   112
General Front Desk punker 04351.472.0
Building services Christian Hornhardt 04351.472.530
Safety engineer Henrik Marten 04351.472.150
Environmental management Lena Behrend 04351.472.810


Working hours front desk
Monday - Thursday 07:00 - 16:00
Friday 07:00 - 14:00