Technical questionnaire

Did you not find the right fan wheel for your application on our website or would you like to have your pre-selection via our web-based puncat WEB fan wheel selection checked for accuracy of fit by our application engineers ?

Then feel free to use our Technical Questionnaire to describe your application in detail to our application experts. They will contact you immediately to work with you to determine the optimum solution for your system.

When you submit this form, you will receive a copy of your information by email. Alternatively, you can download the Technical Questionnaire as a pdf form and send it to us as an email attachment.

Technical questionnaire ( PDF | 100 KB )

Attention! Frequently all operating details are either not known or only inaccurately known. You must therefore as a manufacturer make sure by suitable tests that the correct fan wheel has been selected. When the following questions are answered as comprehensive as possible, we can submit a proposal as quickly and as defi nite as possible. Please give us further details on a supplementary sheet. This questionnaire on no account replaces a technical specifi cation (TSP).

1. General Information

2. Air Duty


Δpfa =

rho =

t =

Lw = dB(A)

3. Drive

minimum 1/min

maximum 1/min


n = 1/min

maximum motor power Pw =

4. Dimensions and Constructional Execution of the Fan Wheel

Ø d = mm

with/without keyway?

5. Demand, Pricing

Sample wheels: pcs.

(later) batch: pcs/year

Lot size: pcs/order